Awards 2011: Innovation in Supply Chain Practice

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Innovation in Supply Chain Practice

Winner: MOD

There were a large number of contenders for this Award and it was hard work to narrow down the running.

Baxter, UCB and Tri-Vizor put forward the idea of “smart freight bundling” bringing orchestrated horizontal collaboration to the pharmaceutical sector through a pilot project involving two pharma companies, UCB and Baxter. For the judges this was a project in its pilot stages and really needed to be further proved – perhaps something for next year?

Vodafone’s entry centred on the company’s Supply Chain Finance initiative for suppliers. The scheme leverages Vodafone’s borrowing rates to allow its suppliers access to lower costs of finance. Vodafone scored very highly and was only a fraction away from winning the Award, so the judges felt compelled to Highly Commend them.

However, the Award went to the MOD with its Typhoon Availability Service (TAS) and the work undertaken with BAE Systems to support the aircraft. Together with suppliers, the MOD has developed an industry revolutionising maintenance contracting solution through TAS where suppliers are engaged to integrate with MOD operations to ensure better aircraft availability while significantly reducing MOD maintenance costs. Suppliers are rewarded for the performance of the assets they maintain – providing an opportunity for suppliers to gain through creating innovative service offerings to their customer. The judges said: “This is highly innovative and transformational in its sector and so, deserves the trophy for Innovation in Supply Chain Practice.”

Highly commended

» Vodafone


» Baxter, UCB and Tri-Vizor

» Coca-Cola Enterprises


» Shepherd Neame

» Vodafone

» Wolters Kluwer in partnership with  Virtualized Logistics

Supply Chain Standard, December 2011

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