Awards 2011: Training & Professional Development

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Training & Professional Development sponsored by BIS Henderson

Winner: Fritz Institute in Partnership with CILT (UK) and LLA

This is only the second year in which the Awards programme has included a category for Training & Professional Development. So far, both years have had very strong entries.

All four shortlisted candidates demonstrated levels of excellence.

DHL Supply Chain gave a very professional presentation centred on driver training. The programme demonstrated excellent results in terms of reducing the level of accidents, wear and tear on vehicles and fuel usage.

The entry from BAE Systems was very impressive in that it set out the tremendous obstacles that needed to be overcome in establishing The Aerospace & Defence Academy. This procurement initiative, based on a CIPS course “broke the mould” in that it involved co-operation from across the sector and was truly global in nature. Webinar workshops, online learning, virtual tutors and face-to-face workshops have all been brought into play, despite the considerable barriers on IT that might be expected from such a security sensitive industry. This was an excellent entry, but there was one better.

This year, it was the entry from the Fritz Institute that impressed the judges the most. This is a charitable scheme to raise the skills levels of logistics personnel within humanitarian organisations worldwide. Given the great difficulties in setting up a scheme of this nature on a global basis – in such remote places – this programme has already demonstrated that it can work well with over 1,000 students/graduates to date. Those behind the scheme had to consider the constraints of learning in field locations where access to phone, internet and power may be restricted. Students download material and complete it offline using email and telephone to communicate with tutors who are based in the UK. As well as improving competencies among supply chain and logistics staff, the scheme also saves humanitarian organisations considerable amounts of money.

The judges said: “Looking at what is happening on a global basis with environmental disasters, agencies offering humanitarian aid need more people with greater expertise. This is a very worthy winner.”


» BAE Systems

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» Fritz Institute in Partnership with CILT (UK) and LLA

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Supply Chain Standard, December 2011

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