TDM improves service levels

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Grupo Modelo, LG Electronics, Texas Instruments, TNT Logistics and US Foodservice are now using i2’s Transportation and Distribution Management (TDM) solution to overcome transport challenges such as reducing costs while improving service levels, and maximising asset and capacity use.

TDM is designed to enable users to address issues such as dock appointment scheduling; sophisticated shipment optimisation with cross-docking, merge-in-transit and dynamic hub selection; automated sequential tendering and carrier collaboration; thorough freight audit, payment and cost allocations; visibility, proactive alerting and event management; logistics network modelling, scenario planning and what-if analysis; and transport rate negotiations and bid optimisation. The solution is designed to enable companies to streamline the entire transport management lifecycle across strategic, tactical and operational time-horizons.

“Our transportation customers are facing daunting challenges with new regulatory mandates, complexities related to global movement of goods, and are experiencing the capacity crunch both for domestic and international shipments,” says Razat Gaurav, solution executive for i2 TDM. “The latest enhancements to our next-generation TDM solution address the most pressing issues facing our customers. It is our goal to continue delivering solutions that enable our customers to increase supply chain efficiencies and streamline their global transportation operations for gaining competitive advantage.” New i2 TDM enhancements include:

  • Iterative transportation planning which allows load planners to continuously submit loads and shipment orders for optimisation.
  • International visibility to global flow-of-goods with capabilities to monitor shipments, orders and inventory across the entire network.
  • International ocean rate negotiation and bid optimization capabilities to help establish contracts.
  • Private fleet and dedicated fleet capabilities to take into account specific constraints and operational considerations related to these assets.
  • Flexible user interface with significantly enhanced search, filtering, sorting and data viewing capabilities.
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