Layer picker swings £7M order

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Leicester company Univeyor has won its largest ever order – Daifuku, on behalf of Scandinavian retailer ICA, has placed a £6.6M order for the installation of a Univeyor Layer Picker. ICA has a new distribution centre near Helsingborg which handle product destined for southern Sweden and Univeyor has undertaken a comprehensive simulation exercise to identify potential bottlenecks and to confirm the configuration of the final system.

Daifuku technical manager Brian Whale says: “We have cooperated closely with them [Univeyor] on past projects and they have considerable experience in key areas such as returnable box handling, depalletising and collation. The innovative Univeyor Layer Picker was also an important factor when it came to choosing a supplier.”

In ICA’s dry goods area, pallets will be picked using Daifuku’s automatic cranes and conveyed on high-speed vehicles (STVs) to three Univeyor Layer Pickers, which will automatically depalletise a variety of items to single parcels.

Items will then be sorted on three Daifuku high capacity shoe sorters and conveyed to the packing area. Low-frequency items will be buffered in a Daifuku Miniload storage system. The fresh goods area will feature STVs as well as Univeyor robots, which will depalletise returnable boxes in layers and convey them to the order release system.

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