Pallet stacker improves performance

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Material handling specialist Industrial Automation has launched an updated version of its ‘Staktec’ pallet stacker / dispenser. The new ‘Staktec’ design improves on the performance of its predecessor by offering a significantly quicker cycle time.

In addition the unit will require less head space by standing only 1.8m high – 0.9m less than the original. Its new design also means that it can be moved by forklift truck to make installation easier. But perhaps, the biggest incentive to customers is the price tag; at around £9,000, it is £4,500 cheaper than the original Staktec.

Pallet stackers/dispensers are increasingly seen as essential in order for employers to comply fully with HSE guidelines relating to the manual handling of pallets. Using a ‘Staktec’ will reduce the incidence of operator injury caused by the manual handling of pallets and related accidents, resulting in a reduction in absenteeism and liability insurance claims.

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