Witron unveils unique automated logistic system.

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Warehouse logistics company Witron has unveiled its new automated logistic system. The Ergonomic–Dynamic Picking System (E-DPS) which can pick one thousand order lines per module, per hour.

The solution that branch-en project manager Jack Kuijpers described as being a “goods-to-man” solution, was unveiled at Witron’s Stoke conference yesterday. The E-DPS boasts extremely high picking performance and optimum ergonomics, offers simple 1:1 picking from a sitting position with an automated confirm system.

Witron explains: “The basic design of an E-DPS module consists of a multi-aisle automated small parts warehouse, with a racking construction which integrates storage, replenishment and consolidation functions. What is special about the system is that highly dynamic vehicles – known as PMLs – operate in up to three tiers within the middle aisle to supply the order picking stations with goods.”

UK branch manager Karl Högen says “With E-DPS we offer a system solution that enables a pick performance of up to 1,000 order lines per hour per integrated module, which sets a milestone within picking ergonomics.”

Other new Witron systems announced at the conference include; the Order Picking Machine (OPM), which offers a fully automated case picking process and a Dynamic Picking System (DPS) that allows for both static (slow movers) and dynamic (fast moving) picking flow channels.

Witron claims that the DPS can reduce pick front and the pick path by up to 75%.

Jaako Takala, logistics director for Finnish company Atria OY, comments: “E-DPS’s performance and ergonomics convinced me at first sight. Because of it we are realising our logistics goals ideally, in regard to order-picking quality, cost effectiveness and flexibility.”

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