Zebra launches guide to risk-free RFID

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Printing specialist Zebra Technologies has launched a guide to deploying RFID technology.

With 40% of retailers planning to introduce wireless tracking by the end of the year, the new guide aims to dispel some of the myths surrounding the technology and to provide retailers and suppliers with the facts.

In conjunction with the guide, Zebra has compiled a five-point RFID self-assessment checklist to guide potential investors. Bernard Williams, RFID business development manager at Zebra comments: “We have reached the point where RFID can no longer be ignored.” He says: “As competition increases in the logistics sector, with speed of delivery and product traceability high on retailer’s agendas, it is clear that we are on the brink of widespread adoption. Retailers and manufacturers need to review their RFID strategy now to avoid falling behind competitors.”

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