Solving collaboration challenges

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Companies faced with collaboration challenges brought on by multiple supply networks of different sizes and geographical locations can now turn to i2 Technologies for next-generation supply chain solutions designed to address these critical business issues. Key to solving these issues is i2 Supply Collaboration/Lean Replenishment, a solution designed to help companies manage all supplier interactions irrespective of supplier size, relationship or technical sophistication.

“We are pleased to offer supply collaboration/lean replenishment capabilities as a part of our next-generation supply chain management solutions. We believe that i2 Supply Collaboration/Lean Replenishment offers companies greater flexibility, scalability, enhanced functional capabilities and a lower total cost of ownership,” said i2 Chief Executive Officer Michael McGrath. “As a result, more companies may find it easier to realize their goals of reduced costs, improved productivity, and more efficient collaboration with suppliers.”

Globalization has spawned many challenges for companies using suppliers from around the world. These suppliers can range from multi-national corporations to smaller regional vendors, and may be located in a variety of geographical locations.

As a result, companies find that they are facing a multitude of difficulties, including:

Poor inbound supply visibility, Inability to match demand and supply, Incomplete or nonexistent supplier performance data, Inability to support multiple replenishment programs and execution processes, High inventory and stock-outs, Constantly having to expedite freight without a clear idea of liability, Spending an inordinate amount of time in conflict resolution, Dealing with multiple communication channels with suppliers.

These difficulties can translate into high inventory costs and poor customer service level performance.

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