Toll dodgers may face Court action

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Eurolink, the company that operates the M4 / M6 Kilcock-Enfield bypass has vowed to pursue a number of hauliers who took part in the ‘No Toll Day’ protest on 16th January for refusing to pay the €6.20 toll.

Some 65 of the 100 truckers who took part in the demonstration on Monday left the toll plaza at Enfield, Co. Meath without paying the toll. They were allowed through the toll booths after their details were recorded.

Eurolink says the offending hauliers will all be sent bills for the €6.20 toll. Antonio de Santiago, Eurolink chief executive officer, said the truckers would be given an opportunity to pay the charge. However, any truckers who refuse to pay would be pursued through the courts, he warned.

Despite fears of traffic disruption, car drivers sailed through the toll plaza from 7am-9am yesterday as five car lanes were open in each direction.

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