Thales GPS for Coolchain fleet

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Thales UK has been awarded a £880,000 contract by Fowler Welch Coolchain to equip its fleet of 750 refrigerated trailers with a satellite tracking and temperature monitoring system. The system is due to be fully operational in January 2006.

Thales UK’s GPS tracking technology will allow Fowler Welch Coolchain to provide customers with specific data on the temperature of goods during transit and at time of delivery, further confirming the quality of their core delivery performance. This will help to resolve potential issues in cases regarding refrigeration conditions in transit.

Fowler Welch Coolchain will also use the tracking system to optimise the contract it holds with Michelin Tyres by monitoring the number of miles covered by the trailers.

Fowler Welch Coolchain will install the GPS tracking system across the fleet, and it will transmit information in real-time to a web-based application that can be accessed world-wide from any web-enabled device, including PDAs. This management application will provide vital and continuous information on the temperature of all the individual refrigerators in every vehicle and the distance travelled by every truck. This information is then logged and distilled into easy-to-understand reports and downloaded by simply requesting the information on-line. The reports are only available to individuals with Fowler Welch Coolchain password clearance, including customer account managers, members of the finance department and those responsible for vehicle maintenance.

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