Anti-slavery web site targets supply chain

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Supply chain practices have coming under greater and greater scrutiny – notably with the passing of California’s supply chain slavery law (know as SB-657).

The latest step is the creation of a web site ( to enable people to check on what companies have done to comply with the law.

SB-657 requires retailer sellers and manufacturers doing business in California that exceed $100 million in global revenue to publicly disclose the degree, if any, to which they are: engaging in verification, auditing, and certification of their direct suppliers, maintaining internal accountability standards, and providing internal training regarding trafficking and slavery in their direct supply chains for tangible goods offered for sale.

The web site is the result of a partnership between a group of anti-slavery and humanitarian organisations. It describes its role as: “Acting as a bridge between the letter and spirit of the law, KnowTheChain seeks to open a meaningful dialogue that assists companies in building ethical and fair supply chains free of forced labour and trafficking.

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