TDG wins road deal

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TDG has won a seven year contract with steel producer Corus to manage its road transport services. The deal is one of the largest of its type in UK road transport and the aim is to save over a million miles of transport each year, thereby reducing over half a million litres of fuel consumption and its associated carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions.

Corus despatches by road around 1,500 loads of steel products a day from more than 40 sites around the country. To optimise the operation, TDG will create a centralised planning platform, based at Corus’ Scunthorpe site, using its Integrated Transport Management system.

This will provide core management functions and generate the best routes and loads through its analysis of Corus’ order pool.

The system will also enable hauliers, Corus and ultimately customers to track work allocation information via the internet. TDG’s ITM platform will monitor deliveries, adjusting plans to improve customer service and use spare back haul capacity.

Paul Lormor, long products division director said: “TDG’s experience in developing fully integrated road transport networks, together with their IT systems expertise, makes them a natural partner for Corus.”

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