Awards 2013: Automotive, Aerospace & Defence

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Automotive, Aerospace & Defence, sponsored by Demand Solutions

Winner: Jaguar Land Rover with Unipart Logistics

In previous years German companies have tended to predominate in this category. This year was different. The two front running entries were Kwik Fit with CEVA Logistics and Jaguar Land Rover with Unipart Logistics.

Kwik Fit and CEVA Logistics have been working together since 2008, with the 3PL managing the delivery of over five million tyres per annum to over 700 Kwik Fit retail centres. The acquisition of Kwik Fit in 2011 by an organisation with an existing interest in the UK tyre market, made the integration of the two logistics networks an imperative – a situation which had commercial implications for CEVA Logistics. Despite the huge difficulties faced, the two companies created a transition plan which provided shared financial benefits, protected the 3PL’s commercial interests and allowed the operational and cost benefits of the new system to flow directly to Kwik Fit. The judges say:  “The enthusiasm from both parties to share the journey, successes and pain of making this work is particularly refreshing.” This was a very good entry.

However, the judges were struck by the scale, complexity and performance of the global aftermarket support operation for Jaguar Land Rover, delivered through a 25-year collaborative partnership with Unipart Logistics. Under the relationship with JLR, Unipart Logistics is responsible for 1.2 million Jaguar cars around the world, supporting the full range of parts for any service or repair during the lifetime of the vehicle. For the Jaguar Land Rover aftermarket the 3PL manages 60,000 part numbers, collected from 1,200 suppliers and shipped to 17 regional DCs for over 850 dealers and importers worldwide.

By integrating supply chain functions, a Global Control Centre ensures total alignment of processes and encourages collaboration between supply chain partners. Dashboards present supply chain information in a standardised view and allows all data to be interrogated down to part number level. The impact on customer service has been significant with availability consistently above 98 per cent. The judges were impressed, saying “This is an excellent case study of a tailored, collaborative approach towards customer service built around a shared common vision and goals.” For the judges, there was little doubt that Jaguar Land Rover with Unipart Logistics deserved to win.”

– Jaguar Land Rover with Unipart Logistics

Highly commended
– Kwik Fit with CEVA Logistics

– Jaguar Land Rover with Unipart Logistics
– Kwik Fit with CEVA Logistics
– Southco Manufacturing Ltd


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