Awards 2013: Energy, Utilities & Transport

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Energy, Utilities & Transport

Winner: BP

The Energy, Utilities & Transport category produced strong results and all three shortlisted companies were close in the scoring, which made it tough on the judges.

However the two entries that came out on top were BP and NTV with Quintiq.

NTV is the first competitor in the newly liberalised Italian railway market and the first operator in the world to use the new Alstom AGV train – the current holder of the high speed train record. The company run 25 high speed trains on Italy’s major routes.

Since start-up in April 2012, the rail operator has made great strives to create a light and efficient structure, outsourcing non-core activities such as the preventive and corrective maintenance of the fleet, cleaning of the train fleet, and commercial refilling of the train sets, including all the logistics activities necessary to guarantee the availability of on-board commercial products, including food.

The result is a business which is centrally managed and structured around an integrated system that offers end-to-end visibility of resources across the supply chain. The judges thought highly of the way NTV collaborates with its suppliers and how it has aligned its supply chain to the business strategy. For these reasons they highly commend NTV with Quintiq.

However, the judges felt there was one better. BP clearly demonstrated their ability to apply innovative real-time tracking technology in a sector leading initiative, giving global visibility and traceability of components to a $7bn build project. The oil & gas company is procuring over $1bn of equipment from 150 suppliers across Europe and transporting these assets to South Korea for the construction of two major production facilities destined for the North Sea.

The judges say:  “The application of the technology was well thought out and balanced. They had consulted with the aerospace sector to borrow ideas and then apply them to the oil and gas industry. The savings were significant and so were the benefits – particularly in keeping the project on schedule.” The judges believe BP were “truly excellent” and deserved to take home the trophy.

– BP

Highly commended
– Nuovo Trasporto    Viaggiatori (NTV)    with Quintiq

– BP 
– Centrica 
– Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori   (NTV) with Quintiq

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