Awards 2013: Technology Award

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Technology Award

Winner: Costa Express with ToolsGroup

Tesco’s entry was for an automated system that automatically adjusts the sales forecasts for thousands of products in its UK and Irish stores three times a day seven days a week based on the latest weather information. It’s delivered a major improvement in on-shelf availability for customers while reducing food waste significantly.

Travis Perkins focused on how it has integrated Paragon into its branch Point of Sale system to open it up to 2,000+ branches in “their own” system. This, it says, has enabled it to develop and interlink more functionality to drive efficiency, customer service and change the way its 16 independent businesses operate the fleet of over 3,000 vehicles.

The entry from Costa Express with ToolsGroup, focused on the implementation of three major supply chain changes – the new IT system; new logistics provider and new purchasing process in January 2013. Costa uses SO99+ sales data collected from each of the 3,000 machines every four minutes to identify trends and forecast future demand. Then it works out how the demand is likely to vary and therefore how much safety stock to hold. Finally SO99+ creates a schedule for resupplying stock to each site to maximise availability without overstocking.  The judges agreed that the winner displayed innovation and courage in the implementation of technology and a new business model which has  revolutionised the organisation through massive growth.

– Costa Express with ToolsGroup

– Costa Express with ToolsGroup 
– Tesco
– Travis Perkins

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