A decent proposal

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The Freight Transport Association (FTA) and the Road Haulage Association (RHA) have joined forces to submit their proposals for the 2006 budget, following the cross-industry support gained from the Burns Inquiry,  .

‘Traditionally both trade associations have offered separate representations to the Treasury, but there is no doubt that if we work together on fundamental policy issues, then we more than double the impact,’ said Roger King, RHA chief executive.

‘In submitting these proposals we are aware that the Road Haulage Task Group set up to respond to the Burns Report is the key to establishing the way forward for our industry,’ said Richard Turner, FTA chief executive, ‘but defining the problems is one thing, providing solutions is another. We know what these solutions are and they are highlighted in our submission.’

The submission calls for; a continuing freeze on fuel duty given the high volatility in world oil prices and the extra income the Chancellor receives from oil revenues. In addition, as a follow through from the initial phase of the Road Haulage Task Group, work should continue to explore ways of addressing unfair foreign competition either by developing a charging regime or a rebate for UK operators, or a mix of both. It also calls for proposals to tackle road congestion.

The FTA and RHA says that the windfall revenue the Government is currently receiving from high oil prices should be earmarked for accelerating delivery of the DfT’s Targeted Program of Improvements on the road network. They are also calling for support and incentives for the introduction of Euro 4 and 5 trucks, ensuring that industry has sufficient time to adapt to proposed changes to excepted vehicle classes permitted to use rebated oil.

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