Major launch from Translift-Bendi

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Translift Bendi, is launching its biggest range of forklift trucks for years.

The B318, the B420l, the B420 Hi-Lift and the truck nicknamed the “External”, will use components from the existing Bendi range.

The B318 is the 1800kg big brother of the B313 and will lift up to 10 tonnes. It is aimed at the user who does not need all the benefits of rear-wheel drive and is satisfied with the operation and cost benefits that front-wheel drive articulated trucks have to offer.

All trucks will work in 1,600 mm wide aisles. Some 150 mm less than competing articulated trucks. The new “External” is of particular interest as it is designed to take the outdoor capabilities of the Bendi further than ever before.

It has been fitted with four special compound rubber wheels that provide a more comfortable ride than conventional, four-wheel counterbalanced trucks. Simon Brown, managing director of Translift Bendi, said: “It’s an exciting period for us as we have a new range of trucks that are built from components that we know and trust but packaged in such a way that they offer better performance and space usage.

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