Renault invests £240m in its Euro 4 and 5 strategy

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Renault Trucks has outlined its strategy for Euro 4 and 5 implementation.

It said that in response to the highly demanding requirements of the new regulations on engine emissions, it has chosen to implement SCR technology throughout its range.

Renault said that it expected to see a 5 per cent saving on fuel costs and has invested £240m in its compliance strategy. Regulations surrounding nitrogen-oxide emissions in particular has led them to decide on this strategy for compliance. It said: “SCR technology is today the most efficient solution in terms of environmental protection, performance and fuel consumption.”

In order to satisfy European regulations without compromising performance, Renault Trucks said that it has chosen “to maximise fuel combustion which means reducing particulates at source, while also treating gas exhaust.”

Renault said that environmental criteria governs its selection of component manufacturers and that even though European directives on the elimination of end-of-life vehicles, only currently applies to LCVs, its range already satisfies many of the directive’s requirements.

A spokesperson confirmed that Renault and Volvo will continue to compete in the same markets. Olivier Vidal De La Blache, product and strategy director for Renault said: “Our aim is to become the standard seller.” He said Renault have set their goal on becoming “nothing short of the best supplier in all the ranges and categories”.

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