New scanning technology for the logistics and supply chain industries launched

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The container liner shipping company, ZIM Integrated Shipping Services, has established ZIMARK with the Israeli startup Sodyo to provide next-generation scanning solutions for the logistics and supply chain sectors. In addition to the joint venture with Sodyo in the establishment of ZIMARK, ZIM will also make a direct equity investment in Sodyo.

ZIMARK will provide its customers scanning solutions using Sodyo’s patented technology for connecting offline content to the online world.

The ZIMARK scanning technology, based on colourful markers, image recognition and advanced algorithms, enables accurate scans from virtually any distance and allows scans of multiple markers simultaneously, along with a set of additional features.

“We expect ZIMARK’s advantages, such as long-range scanning capabilities, scanning of multiple items simultaneously and other features, to provide significant performance, cost, and efficiency benefits to the maritime, logistics and supply chain industries,” commented Eli Glickman, ZIM CEO.

“ZIMARK will offer an advanced solution for the logistics and supply chain industries, from inventory management through asset tracking, access control and more,” added David Arbel, ZIM COO.

ZIMARK will be led by Karin Levy as CEO, who brings with her extensive international experience in the maritime, logistics and supply chain industries.

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