Used… and abused?

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Some FLT dealers are failing to provide a report of Thorough Examination certificate and taking advantage of customers’ lack of knowledge, according to Consolidated Fork Truck Services.

CFTS says that the annual Thorough Examination is an important legal requirement – much like the MOT test for cars and confirms that the equipment is safe to use.

It says: “Companies operating trucks without an up-to-date certificate are risking their employees’ safety, and face prosecution by the HSE.” CFTS claims that it has received reports that some dealers are continuing to supply trucks without the certificate, and failing to tell customers about the requirement.

Steve Hodkinson, chairman of CFTS said: “This unacceptable situation is the direct result of a lack of understanding of Thorough Examination in the industry as a whole. It is imperative that operators understand the law and their responsibilities.”

Comparing the process to that of a car, Hodkinson said: “Don’t take the dealer’s word for it, insist on checking the certificate, and take a copy.”

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