Don-Bur launches its new lifting deck trailer

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Don-Bur has launched the new tri-axle 13.6m lifting deck trailer demonstrator, which it says is packed with the latest features and cutting-edge technology.

The new demonstrator incorporates Don-Burs’ ‘EcoStream’ aerodynamic sloping roof profile, with an area over the swan-neck that can be split with a 4.2m secondary deck. Don-Bur says that the profile can save as much as £6,500 per annum in fuel costs.

The new demonstrator has the capacity to carry 41 Pallets (1000x1200mm) or 59 cages (780x1120mm) and, due to the low trailer weight, can provide an extra tonne in payload weight potential; ideal for those operators who could not previously use lifting deck technology due to higher stillage weight.

Don-Burs’ new ‘TRICS’ (Trailer Reporting Interface & Control System) has also been included, and has a number of on-trailer sensors connected to a CPU and a reporting interface that can be accessed directly by a driver or fleet engineer, without the need for an additional laptop.
The new demonstrator also incorporates the Don-Bur “Reversing Guardian”. Wired through the reverse lighting circuit and with three ultrasonic proximity sensors located along the under-run bar, the unique system gives the driver a high visibility indication of potential rear hazards.

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