Saturday 16th Dec 2017 - Logistics Manager

Green sheds

“We are a polluter,” said Ken Hall, vice president of Prologis told delegates. “We recognise that we have a responsibility.” Prologis along with other leading developers, has been developing more environmentally friendly warehouses.

Hall outlined some futuristic technologies including; sun walls, photovoltaic roofs, intelligent lighting, that all help reduce carbon emissions, taking the market closer to the ultimate goal of becoming carbon-neutral and fully sustainable.

He said that sustainability was the “triple bottom line”, being socially, economically, and environmentally responsible.

He said sustainability was about more than just green warehouses, it was about meeting all three targets.

“It is sustaining our business and the planet at the same time. Things are changing and we are starting to make an impact.

“What looked impossible last year, we are now doing and what looks impossible now, will be possible next year.”