John G cracks down on fuel theft

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Scottish haulier John G Russell (Transport), has fitted half its 200-strong fleet with InstantFit Neck-it!, the anti-fuel theft system from TruckProtect.

Russell’s fleet of DAF, ERF and Volvo trucks operates nationwide from five depots in Scotland. John Russell said: “While we don’t believe we have a problem with fuel theft, it is clear that an increasing number of other transport companies do. We were not prepared to wait until it happened to us and decided to be prudent and take pro-active steps to prevent the problem.” Russell said that the company plans to fit the rest of its fleet with the system in the near future.

Co-operative Retail Logistics is to fit the Tiss anti-siphon device to all of its new vehicles. Ryan Wholey of Tiss said: “With new trucks costing in excess of £50,000, the cost of the anti-siphon device at £64 to £125 is negligible. However, the device pays for itself many times during the total lifespan of the vehicle by preventing fuel theft year on year.

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