TDG rolls out new driver database

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TDG is rolling out a new agency driver database (add) from the consultancy de Poel. The add database is a part of TDG’s effort to streamline its operations, enhance security and increase the visibility and uniformity of agency driver information across its network.

de Poel has been working with TDG since June 2005, to reduce temporary agency costs and improve service levels throughout the companies UK operations. By implementing de Poel’s ‘e-tips’, electronic timesheet and invoice processing system, TDG has managed to reduce the number of timesheets produced and the amount of time spent on administration throughout the company.

add is an online driver database, designed to store essential driver information in a single location. Its features include the recording of; training, qualifications, and the documentation of incidents, as well as any Criminal Records Bureau information.

add went live in March 2006 and expects to roll out across TDG’s operation during the second half of the year.

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