Zebra’s top ten tips for risk-free RFID

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Zebra Technologies has launched a guide to help companies implement risk-free RFID and ensure a successful deployment of the technology throughout their operations.

Zebra says that the guide, called “Riding the RFID Wave”, provides UK companies with top tips to help them fully take advantage of the potential of RFID technology, such as real time visibility of stock, improved inventory management, product authentication against counterfeiting, and customer satisfaction enhancement.

Zebra’s ten top tips to help ensure successful implementation of RFID technology are:

1. Ensure there is plenty of time for planning and research
2. Plan RFID from the ground up
3. Thoroughly research RFID offerings
4. Get the right supplies
5. Choose the right partners to ensure your RFID system runs smoothly
6. Take a step-by-step approach
7. Carry out thorough testing to avoid issues as the implementation scales up
8. Analyse the data to drive ROI
9. Extend RFID internally, to make the most of the technology
10. Plan for flexibility during the implementation

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