Dismay at security proposals

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The Freight Transport Association says it is dismayed by new Home Office proposals which would require details regarding every consignment entering or leaving the country to be supplied to the police.

The proposals, due to come into effect next April, have been made under the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act and are intended to improve security and drugs enforcement. Data will be collected from shippers and consignors and passed to the police by carriers.

James Hookham, deputy chief executive  said: “We respect the origins and objectives of this legislation, but are dismayed at the need for so much information and question whether it can be used. This is a step back to the level of information that was abolished in 1993 with the creation of the Single European Market.

“I have written to the Minister responsible, Tony McNulty, and asked him to explain why this level of information is thought to be needed. He also needs to assure us that the free flow of goods will not be disrupted by this new administrative burden.”

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