Tuesday 19th Feb 2019 - Logistics Manager Magazine

FTA calls for action

The Freight Transport Association has called for more government action to deal with unroadworthy foreign lorries. It wants the government to commit itself to a database scheme for supporting the effective roadworthiness enforcement of foreign trucks.

However, in a report from the Haulage Industry Task Force, the government has merely opted for a feasibility study into the matter.

The FTA said: “The government had contended that cabotage, the domestic operation of an international road transport operator in a foreign country, impacted on the UK transport industry by just one per cent.

“However, it has now recognised that when non-competing domestic UK own account vehicles are excluded – fuel tankers, refuse vehicles, aggregate tippers etc – the cabotage footprint is in the order of 15 per cent. It has also recognised that this constitutes a substantial competitive problem for UK hauliers.”