Tachomaster boost

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Road Tech has enhanced its Tachomaster system so that it now provides information on vehicle utilisation as well analysing tachograph information. This means that managers can see at a glance where vehicles and drivers are being under-used opening the way to improving the efficiency of operations.

Tachomaster has been winning new users at the rate of 15 companies a day. It offers a complete system for analysing tachograph data on the hours that drivers have been working. It costs just £1 per driver per week and has been taken up by many of the biggest third party logistics operators in the UK. It is also backed the major truck makers, the RHA and the AA.

Derek Beevor, managing director of Road Tech, says it has invested some £2.5 million in the system to make it quick and simple to use. The system is internet based. New users can buy a card reader from Road Tech and download some basic software for free. It takes a minute to read and analyse the information on the drivers card. This then becomes available over the web in a range of different reports.

The system can also analyse data from mechanical tachographs. It uses a scanner to read the chart information and presents the results in the same format as digital.

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