Synergy targets SMEs

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Synergy Logistics is targeting SMEs with snapfulfil – a hosted warehouse system costing from £190 a month per user for an all in one package.

This service includes installation of the system itself, an on-site RF network and hand held RF terminals with integral bar code scanning. The package also includes system connectivity to the hosted environment. Synergy says the system is fast and easy to implement and can be up and running in 30 days.

All the user requires is a PC and the availability of broadband. There is no software to install and maintain on site, as everything is delivered from a data centre.

For administrative and management users everything is accessed through a PC’s standard web browser. This has the added benefits that the typical IT overhead of PC and server support, regular back-ups and software updates are eliminated. Synergy’s Mark Darley-Usmar says: “We developed snapfulfil from the ground up to be an effective and affordable hosted service.

“It is quite different from hosting an old style WMS, as snapfulfil uses advanced web services and data minimisation to deliver the sort of lightening fast response you would expect from a very expensive on site system, but with none of the purchasing and overhead costs that usually entails.”

snapfulfil, is delivered as a hosted service by using snapondemand technology and infrastructure which delivers high performance ‘software as a service’. Full mirroring is provided as part of the overall solution.

“The beauty of this breakthrough solution is that it does not depend on the power of your own computer systems,” said Darley-Usmar.

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