Getting to the NUB of the problem

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Two Hyster lift trucks, a H2.50XM, 2,500kg capacity lift truck and the new Fortens H3.5FT-A, 3,500kg capacity are used throughout the production process. When the steel plates arrive they are unloaded and stored by the lift trucks. The plates are then taken to the CNC profiler to be cut into shape and then taken to the presses where the helixes are formed in various diameters. Once complete the sections are stored awaiting dispatch around the world. In addition, drilling augurs and tools are sent back for repair and reconditioning. This operation works on two eight-hour shifts six days and five nights a week.

In the operation the lift trucks are required to lift both pallets and drill lengths up to 3,000kg. Operators have found the Fortens H3.5FT-A easier to drive and safe when moving loads. There are several features that have made the truck more comfortable for the operators notably the press-button horn on the overhead guard, the adjustable armrest that incorporates Touchpoint mini-levers and the isolated drive train that minimises the effect of vibration. As there is a slight incline in the yard, NUB has seen the Duramatch transmission, that prevents rollback, as another benefit of the truck.

Bill Usher, director of NUB Engineering, says: “This new Fortens lift truck from Hyster is the ideal truck for our application and it has certainly made life more comfortable and safer for my operators.”

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