COMAH status for Cert site

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Cert FMCG Logistics’ Rotherham facility has become Top Tier COMAH site. Cert uses Rotherham for storage and distribution of aerosols and health and beauty products with the help of both Crown Lift Trucks and Pyroban.
The facility in Rotherham was built in 1990 specifically for Coty whose brands include Rimmel London and Adidas. Since then, the facility has grown to manage various types of operations for more than 20 companies such as The Body Shop and Mercona while continuing to serve Coty.
As the profile of the products stored changed and quantities grew, Cert’s Health and Safety Officer sought advice from the HSE concerning the number of aerosols stored. The majority of the aerosols are antiperspirant deodorants and household cleaning products containing a small amount of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) propellant. CERT was looking to grow their facility to provide up to 6,000 pallet positions for the aerosols and was concerned by the total amount of flammable gas they could be handling.
Operations director John Hamilton says: “6,000 pallets of aerosols equates to a lot of pressurised flammable gas under one roof. We estimated that at any one time we wouldn’t have any less than 300 tonnes of LPG onsite meaning that we had to seriously look at upgrading the facility to meet current and future legislation.”

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