Faster bridging plan

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The company designs and manufactures pre-fabricated, modular steel bridges. The company ships thousands of bridges worldwide for use as a quick and permanent means of opening up even the most remote regions and for the provision of instant emergency solutions.

In September 2006, after trialling trucks on site, Mabey and Johnson decided to change its entire materials handling fleet to Linde. The site now operates a fleet of 12 Linde machines with capacities ranging from two to 36 tonnes.

Linde 39X diesel powered hydrostatic forklifts, with capacities from two to five tonnes, are used on the site for a variety of applications, from working in the factory to container stuffing bridges in modular form for despatch worldwide.

ISO containers are loaded on and off road transport using a Linde C 360 container handler fitted with a telescopic toplift frame. The truck is capable of stacking the containers three high to maximise storage in the container yard. This now quick and simple operation was performed in the past using a gantry crane system which only enabled a maximum of six containers to be loaded in a day.

Using the dedicated container handler, Mabey and Johnson has doubled its output. “The C 360 has made this task much easier,” says Morse, “the process is now much faster and less complicated.”

Mabey and Johnson’s project engineer, Leon Morse, says it received “excellent” after-sales service from Linde Severnside, the local Linde network company. “Reliability is a key factor in our operation,” Morse says, “and the Linde machines cope easily with the demands of our arduous operation.”

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