Barcode scanning from PDA

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Microlise has released an in-vehicle tracking unit, which includes a GPRS modem with EDGE capability, which increases the speed of data communications transfer. EDGE (Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution) is also known as Enhanced GPRS and is nearly 10 times the speed of normal GPRS.

This is especially useful for Can-bus telematics, proof of delivery or other mobile workforce applications where higher amounts of data may need to be transmitted between a mobile data terminal connected to the MTU and the host Microlise Transport Management Centre software.

Microlise chief Nadeem Raza said: “The increased throughput and speed of GPRS with EDGE capability enables us to provide a greater level of detail in telematics solutions and feature rich mobile workforce applications” has launched a series of PDAs with integrated bar code scanners that also incorporate wireless communications.

It reckons this approach could eliminate the need for purpose-made scanners.

The range includes top-specification versions incorporating a range of technologies including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and mobile GSM/GPRS communications.

The company says that most traditional barcode scanning devices are constructed to withstand harsh industrial environments and are priced accordingly. “However, there is now a PDA solution that allows barcode scanning applications to be extended where it was previously cost-prohibitive.”

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