Manhattan provides 20 per cent boost for Tally

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Tally Weijl, Europe and Middle East women’s fashion retailer, has completed deployment of Manhattan Associates’ Integrated Logistics Systems.

Manhattan’s WMS for Open Systems and its business intelligence application Performance Management have been in operation at Tally Weijl’s two European distribution centres in Lörrach (Germany) and Zofingen (Switzerland) for just over a year. Additionally, Tally Weijl has just completed implementing Manhattan’s Trading Partner Management system.

Tally Weijl, a Swiss company founded in 1984 by the fashion designer of the same name, has a 2,500 sq m DC in Zofingen (Switzerland) which supplies 80 stores and sales outlets in Switzerland. A 25,000 sq m facility in Lörrach (Germany) serves the rest of Europe and the Middle-East. The two DCs handle more than 18 million items a year.

In 2004, Tally Weijl took the decision to replace its incumbent WMS as it lacked the capacity to support the company’s growth. It chose Manhattan, primarily because it offered a number of powerful pre-integrated supply chain system components.

The system has been live since February 2006 and integrated to Tally Weijl’s Columbus ERP system. It has helped the company improve its picking operation productivity by 20 per cent.

Tally Weijl also wanted to put in place a new “put-to-store” process. While close to 50 per cent of goods arriving in its warehouses were already pre-allocated to stores, the received cases were, prior to the installation of Manhattan’s systems, being put into stock areas in a conventional put-away routine and then later picked for the preparation of store orders. With Warehouse Management for Open Systems, Tally Weijl has been able to put in place a new put-to-store system. This allows the retailer to direct items, as soon as they are received in the warehouse, to specific put-away areas dedicated to each store. As a consequence, the put-to-stock and replenishment stages were eliminated for those goods arriving in the warehouse with pre-assigned store destinations.

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