Cutting errors

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Supreme Brands, the battery and recordable media distributors, found they were getting up to 40 picking errors a day, five of which related to customer complaints about the wrong product or quantity being delivered. Owing to the lack of a warehouse management system, Supreme could also not stock the warehouse to full capacity, which limited the range of products it could supply.

In November 2005, Supreme installed Dexterity WMS from Barcode-IT and saw traceability climb to over 92 per cent, stock taking accuracy at 99.5 per cent, and after a few weeks zero picking errors.

Operations director Tony Leach says: “The system has completely revolutionised our warehouse. We are now able to stock many different product lines and the warehouse is always stocked to full capacity. The WMS installed by Barcode-IT has enabled us to become more competitive in the marketplace and without it we may not be here today.”

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