Action needed to cut forklift accidents

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At least one worker is killed or seriously injured each day in the UK due to fork-lift related accidents, according to the Forklift Truck Association. Despite technical advances in the designing of forklifts, which promise better safety for operators, accident figures remain high.
The Association believes that a major part of the problem is due to misinterpretation of HSE legislation. The HSE focuses on a wide range of equipment, not just forklifts, which means that legislation referring to forklift operations is often vague, leading to misinterpretation over aspects such as the need for operator licences, seat belts and thorough examination testing.
The FLTA plans to prevent misinterpretation by working more closely with HSE and BITA (British Industrial Truck Association) to establish a common standard from which suppliers and users of forklifts can work.
The FLTA are organising a National Fork Lift Truck Safety conference, which takes place on 27 September.
Its website provides up-to-date information and guidance on new and current legislation.
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