Software to improve stock counting

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Apprise Consulting has developed a software package to improve the accuracy of stock counting.
Gwynne Richards of Apprise said: “Stock-counting and stock management is for most businesses time-consuming and tedious – and being essentially a manual operation is subject to human error. The SCM software solution goes a long way to eliminating basic inputting errors and flagging up stock discrepancies very soon after they occur.”
Apprise worked with Redditch-based software house TWS to develop the software.
Richards said he had been aware of the problem for some years but had been unable to find a ready-made solution.
“Consequently I took the decision to find a way of providing a practical and simple stock-counting tool which would readily plug into existing warehouse management and accounting systems.”
The software is now being launched to a wider market and is targeted at almost any business which wants to improve the speed and accuracy of its stock-taking.

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