Lighting the load

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John Craven of Whitecroft Lighting says that traditionally warehouses used HID luminaires like the Whitecroft Harrier which delivers high efficiency in the region of 80 per cent. However, the availability of high output T5 lamps is now allowing fluorescent luminaires to be employed on higher ceilings.

The new 6 x 80W T5 Whitecroft Aerial luminaire with an efficiency of over 80 per cent can directly replace a 400W HID luminaire. Unlike luminaires with HID lamps which are slow to strike, Aerial offers advantages in warehouses where fork lift trucks are only operating in a minority of aisles. Aisles can be scanned with Command F long range absence detectors so luminaires are switched off when aisles are vacated but fluorescent lamps strike rapidly when fork lifts re-enter the area. The use of fluorescent can also facilitate exploitation of daylight via skylights delivering the lowest possible carbon footprint. Warehouse operators can also benefit from the superior lumen maintenance of the fluorescent lamp, giving a light level about 25 per cent higher as the lamp replacement time is approached.

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