Greener fuel for SCR Euro 4 Axor

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Environmentally-friendly heating company Energy Crops is running its new Mercedes six-wheeler on BioDiesel.
The Axor 2633 has a BlueTec Euro 4 SCR  engine which is being fuelled with a 50:50 blend of BioDiesel and standard mineral diesel.
Supplied by Aldershot dealer Rossetts Commercials, the vehicle has a payload of 16 tonnes.
BioDiesel is the first clean fuel that fleet operators can use without necessarily having to purchase new vehicles or construct additional facilities. But, says Mercedes, it can only be used by trucks equipped with Selective Catalytic Reduction technology; those that rely on the rival Exhaust Gas Recirculation system are not compatible.
BioDiesel produces zero sulphur and aromatic emissions, and lower particulate emissions.
Surrey-based Energy Crops company specialises in supply of wood pellet fuel and, through its network of partners, offers a service for converting to biomass heating.
Managing director Graham Hilton says: “Given rising fossil fuel prices and increasing concerns over climate change, sustainable and cost-effective fuels such as wood pellets are rapidly gaining popularity and government support.”
Although immature in the UK, the wood pellet industry is well established on the continent and particularly popular in Austria, Germany and Scandinavia.
The dried pellets are produced from wood taken from sustainable forests and are a carbon neutral heat source, as the carbon dioxide absorbed by trees during growth cancelling out that emitted when they are burnt.
The pellets require specially adapted biomass boilers but produce twice as much energy as wet wood – 1kg of pellets provides as much heat as a 1 kilowatt electric fire running for five hours.

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