Hyundai enterprise: the next generation

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Hyundai has unveiled ten new diesel and LPG fork lift trucks – four diesel models with a load capacity of 2 to 3.3 tonnes and six LPGs with capacities of 1.5 to 3 tonnes.
The diesel engines feature V3300 Kubota engines with an output of 47kW, while the LPGs are equipped with a 37 kW [Hyundai Motor Company] Beta engine. The increased power of the engine range complete with large-volume hydraulic systems will make the forklifts faster and able to deal with driving special attachments that demand greater output. The diesel truck’s lift mast can function at a gradient of up to 21.8 degrees and the LPG up to 15.4 degrees.
The lowering speed of the mast with a full load is monitored and regulated by a valve, to prevent damage being caused by it being lowered too quickly. The trucks can also be fitted with the optional Operator Presence Sensing System, which makes it impossible to lift, lower or tilt the mast if the driver is not sitting in his usual position.
Air filters are monitored electronically. A sensor alerts the driver when the filter is blocked, so that he can replace it before significant damage can occur.

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