Hyster celebrates with party of five

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Hyster has launched three heavy forklift truck series, spanning a range of eight to 48 tonne lifting capacities. The eight to 16 tonne series, consisting of 14 models, features a 6.7 litre Cummins [QSB6.7] diesel engine with a performance of 155 Hp/116 kW at 2300 rpm. An LPG version is also available with the same power output.
The models have been designed to work at full capacity in any climate, featuring cooling systems which enable them to operate in temperatures as low as -18 degrees Celsius up to 50 degrees Celsius. During heavy duty operations they can work up to 45 degrees Celsius. They also feature an engine shutdown function, to minimise service time and cost, and a tilt facility so the engine has easy service access at all times.
The second series comprises four models with 16 to 18 tonne lifting capacities. Both 16 and 18 tonne versions are available with either short 3.5m or standard 3.75 wheelbases, to ease operations in confined spaces. Also featuring a 6.7 litre Cummins engine, the models offer two engine performance levels: 145 kW at 2050 rpm for the 16 tonne models, and 172 kW at 1800 rpm for the 18 tonners.
Thirdly, the 36 to 48 tonne range is powered by a six cylinder, 10.8 litre Cummins [QSM11] turbo diesel engine, with engine performance levels of 224 kW and 272 kW at 1800 rpm. Some of the models offer a compact 5.38m wheelbase.
Hyster has also developed two big container handlers – the 16 to 22 tonne range, which features a seven-high single empty container handling model, with an improved lift capacity of 1.5 tonnes, taking it to 8.5 tonnes – and the reach stacker container handlers, which provide increased capacity through the use of a front mounted stabiliser with 5.9 to 6.7m wheelbase.
The company has also introduced taller and stronger mast options for its lift trucks, in response to a growth in demand for higher and stronger warehouse equipment – as increasing land prices are forcing companies to expand their warehouses upwards, according to Robert O’Donoghue, general manager, warehouse products.

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