Pharmaceutical giant goes to Savoye for performance boost

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Savoye Logistics recently implemented a software driven system to manage logistic flows for pharmaceutical group Novartis.

Russell Davies of Savoye, says: “Following an exhaustive tender process our LM7 was selected for their Huninque site in France for its ability to meet all of Novartis’ key requirements, in particular the ability to fulfil the GAMP, and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 standards.”

Based at the Huninque site, the Pharma division stores over 40,000 pallets and dispatches 1000 boxes daily.

The LM7 system integrates the optimised control of the pallet conveyor, and synchronises the MGH and the AGV depending on replenishment requirements in picking.

The system interfaces with measuring equipment, printing and acquisition tools (barcodes, RFID, etc.)

The system reorganises the logistic flows, creates new distribution channels (samples for doctors), and multiplies the product references by diversifying the types of operation (split box, carton and pallet preparation and reception of raw materials).

It improves quality and traceability responding to the customers’ increasingly specific demands (export zone, hospital etc).

It ensures the traceability of all the operations that Novartis products undergo from the moment they leave production until they are dispatched: movements, change of status, stock interventions, leaving a trace of the date-time and the person who carried out the operation.

Using operator voice guiding and the barcode reader attached to the operator’s wrist, the hands-free Voice-Picker system has enabled traceability as far as order preparation (fulfilment) is concerned as well as improving productivity at the pharmaceutical giant’s plant.

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