Aerosols producer goes for OM trucks

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Family company Motip Dupli recently celebrated production of its billionth spray can at the production plant at Hassmersheim in Germany. Factories I and II at the site share the same warehouse for raw materials and for finished products where it uses three OM electrical forklifts with minimum dimensions. The two E8N and the E10Nelectriv forklift trucks possesses extremely small turning circle, and can turn 360 around their own axle. The trucks are designed for operating in warehouses with limited space. In factory III, manufacturing of aerosols has recently started and it has a warehouse with pallet shelves, with a XE20ac electric forklift

Within the plant area around the Factories I and II runs an express transport line to ensure a fast flow of raw materials into the supply ranges of the production lines. It serves also for the transport of palletised spray cans into the supply ranges of the warehouses.

An OM electric forklift XE22ac pulls three trailers loading and unloading at several stations. With a speed of 20 km/h it is among the fastest in its category. A steering angle of 103° in combination with the driving axle allow a rotation around its own axle.

Alongside Factory I is the logistics centre which includes the receiving area, the warehouse, the picking area, the customs department, goods delivery and the dispatching department. The warehouse management system IBM AS 400 controls all warehouse procedures in real time. Analysis and continuous control of sales figures allow timely reactions to the market tendency.

The Motip Dupli logisticians work in co-operation with OM service partner Artos who provides them with service for the optimum usage of the trucks. All trucks are equipped with mobile scanner technology to read bar codes. The electrical rider transpallet TLR18 is used for loading and unloading trucks by means of a loading ramp also for medium-long distance pallet transport. With a loading capacity of 1.8t, it transports the equipped pallets between production, order picking and supply area. Three electrical XNAac VNA trucks for narrow spaces, on man up version, transfer the storage to the 22 aisles of the warehouse.

With the AC technology, the XNAac forklift truck increases the productivity up to 25 per cent. Thanks to the optional vertical lifting pre-selection it can reach five pallets levels automatically and different storage procedures can be chosen. Weight sensors make a speed regulation possible depending on the weight and lifting height. The truck is also provided with an integrated mobile personal protection system and end of aisle control. Powered by an 80-volt engine, the truck carries out high lift stacking and picking in very narrow spaces.

For fast and safe order picking five XOP2 vertical order pickers are continuously working in the warehouse. With for each of them 1,2t loading capacity and a picking height of approximately 8m, they are ideal for the order picking of single units and pallets. The picking warehouse is equipped with two floors including roller shelves with 11,000 places of different sizes for manual “picking”.

CL electrical high lift stackers fill the shelves from the back, and goods are taken from the front. For efficient order picking the stored material is optimised and ergonomically arranged and marked according to languages, regions and access frequency.

Ordered goods go through the packing, weighing, address marking and final control stations on a roller conveyor. A vacuum lifting system facilitates the palletising or shifting of the cardboard in trailers or containers for the dispatching of goods by external express and freight transport companies on several lines. From there they are loaded into trucks.

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