Material handling equipment training for UKWA members

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The United Kingdom Warehousing Association (UKWA) is joining forces with The Resources Group, to provide material handling equipment training for its members. UKWA chief Roger Williams said the partnership has been established to address the skills gaps and shortages that both the private and public sector are suffering from and, as a result, help boost the UK’s productivity.
Courses will include forklift truck training, lorry mounted crane and overhead gantry crane training, LGV licence acquisition and driver assessments.
Williams said: “A determination to drive up professional standards in the warehousing sector underpins UKWA’s activities and a trained workforce is one of the keys to achieving higher levels of professional competence within the sector.”
Known as UKWA Training, the courses can take place at members’ sites or at one of The Resources Group’s training centres at Eastbourne, Leighton Buzzard, Bradford and East Calder. “There are so many benefits to employing a professionally trained workforce. For example, with well trained forklift operators, turnaround time is quicker and smoother, and accidental damage – to both the truck and the product being stored – is reduced. A sympathetically driven forklift also enhances truck reliability and improves general safety throughout the facility where the truck is operational.
Helen Peedell, business development manager, The Resources Group, said: “UKWA members will have access to a nationwide network of fully qualified accredited instructors who undertake training with forklift trucks as well as a host of other industrial workplace transport equipment.”

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