Impatex switches customers to SAD H

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Impatex, which provides customs software for the freight industry, has switched its customers to the single administration document harmonisation (SAD H) format, set up by HM Revenue & Customs.
Impatex says around one in 1,000 entries were being submitted in the new SAD H format after the first three weeks of operation but, as Impatex software processes around half of all UK airfreight entries, that figure is set to rise as more of its customers switch to SAD H.
Managing director Peter Day said: “We are concentrating our efforts port by port and airport by airport, to provide customers with more focused support; we will have covered all communities before Christmas. Many customers are setting their own cutover schedule. Either way, we have excellent support resources in place, and we are experiencing very few problems.
“Anyone who does not have upgraded SAD H software in their hands today should start worrying: the old system now has less than 60 working days to live, with the deadline remaining 20th January.”


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