Marks & Spencer sets out plan

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In January 2007, Marks & Spencer announced Plan A, a five-year, 100-point environmental action programme. It is based on five pillars:

Climate Change: It aims to make its UK and Republic of Ireland operations carbon neutral in five years by minimising energy use, maximising the use of renewables and offset only as a last resort.

Waste: It aims to reduce packaging by 25 per cent, find new ways to recycle and stop sending waste to landfill from its stores, offices and warehouses.

Sustainable Raw Materials: The goal is to ensure key raw materials come from the most sustainable sources available.

Fair Partner: By being a fair partner, it aims to help improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in its worldwide supply chain and local communities.

Health: It aims to help customers and employees choose healthier lifestyles through healthy food ranges and clear labelling.

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