Transmec picks Tom Tom Work

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Transmec has chosen Tom Tom Work for its fleet. As well as providing track and trace facilities, the system allows real time management of the communication with any of the vehicles on the road.

Modena-based Transmec offers transport, logistics and freight forwarding services and has a vehicles fleet of 500 lorries and trailers. It has branches not only in Italy but Europe and worldwide, which are all connected to each other thanks to a wide company network and it wanted a system for centralised management for the vehicles fleet, able to minimise the overall resources and administration costs.

The centralised administration system allows Transmec Group to minimise the total management and solution maintenance cost. Tom Tom Work is equipped with a GPRS connection with the device placed on the travelling vehicle.

This enables Transmec to update in real time the information given to the drivers. Any unexpected variation in the trip planning can be immediately forwarded to the driver, so that he is able to reorganise the delivery in the most efficient way saving time and resources.

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