Reefers that bask in the sun

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Reed Boardall has bought twelve 40-pallet double-deck trailers with lifting decks that use solar panels to charge the lifting deck battery. The trailers have sloping aerodynamic roofs and are fitted with the new fuel-efficient Carrier fridge units.

“The solar panels are photovoltaic,” explains Denzil Cooke, Reed Boardall’s compliance manager. “This means whether or not the sun is shining, they are constantly helping to charge the batteries. In the past, the batteries were charged via the side lights which meant the drivers had to remember to put the side lights on. Now, it’s all done automatically. We are definitely experiencing less call outs for flat batteries.”

The company has also bought 50 single deckers with a 26-pallet capacity and 40 are all MAN Euro 4 tractor units.

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