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MiX Telematics is the new name for a well-established company in the market – Omnibridge.

For ten years, Omnibridge designed and developed the Siemens VDO fleet management product range including the Datatrak. In May 2007, Omnibridge acquired the distribution rights for its fleet management range and Siemens VDO’s UK-based fleet management and commercial vehicle outfitting businesses.

In October last year, Omnibridge merged with Matrix Vehicle Tracking, which effectively meant it was acquired by holding company TeliMatrix.

Sales and marketing director Steve Coffin says the company is now looking for growth as global trends and safety and transport regulations within the market are creating an increased demand for its products and services. MiX Telematics has a subscriber base of more than 170,000 connections and boasts an install base of more than 300,000 units worldwide. Commercial customers include Parmalat, Schlumberger, Chevron, Greyhound, Spar and Scania.

MiX launched its latest generation on-board computer at the CV Show in April. Coffin says it provides extended support for recording and reporting on up to 20 parameters off the CAN bus of suitably equipped vehicles.

Previously, only four types of messages were available from the CAN bus, namely Speed, RPM, Power Take-off and fuel. The FM3316 and FM3306 provides customers with a lot more data, provided the CAN bus interface is available in the vehicle.

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