Logistics management company rebrands as FreightEx

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Freight exchange company X4Freight is set to rebrand as FreightEx on 24 June following its growth across Europe.

The company operates a real-time exchange platform matching unallocated freight with empty vehicles travelling between the UK and mainland Europe.

Tim Phillips, the recently appointed chief executive of FreightEx, said: “As we continue to expand in Europe we felt it appropriate to adopt a more widely recognisable name. This has given us the opportunity to refresh other elements of the brand ID including the new website www.freightex.com.”

According to Phillips, around 30 per cent of trucks on the road travel with no load for the return leg of their journey.

The logistics management company aims to reduce costs for consignors and create additional revenue for carriers by helping them to utilise otherwise empty vehicles. The environmental benefits are also apparent as jobs can be completed using fewer vehicles overall.

FreightEx uses a multilingual operations team to manage all aspects of quality assurance, payments and insurance for consignors, including accepting the load, ensuring the carrier is vetted and making sure the delivery is made on time.

The company is particularly active in the UK, Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, France, Spain and Germany.

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